About Megaflex

For the past 16 years the Van Limpt family business has grown to be a successful organization with 25 employees and a 'permanent' client base in various national and international industries. Megaflex has grown, but the company maintains its flat organizational structure and therefore remains compact and efficient.

A compact, efficient organization

Orders are supported by one central department from start to finish. This is not necessarily any different from our competitors, but combined with our flat organizational structure, it ensures very short communication lines. This means the account manager communicates with the production department directly, as well as with carriers and suppliers in order to realize your client-specific wishes and needs. The result is that the required labelling is delivered to you on time, in the right quantity, on the right location, and at a low cost.

Labelling for various industries

Over the years, the client base of Megaflex has expanded progressively within various industries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It consists of both large and small labelling clients; from bakeries and patisseries to vegetable and fruit processing companies, and meat and fish processing plants. But also the industries of animal nutrition, pharmacy, logistics, chemistry and cosmetics are far from strangers to Megaflex.

Flexo printing presses and HP Indigo digital printing presses

For large quantities, Megaflex uses Arsoma flexo printing presses. For small to mid-sized quantities and short-term orders, HP Indigo digital printing presses offer an interesting solution. This is due to their short configuration times, high quality, high production speed and diverse gluing options with various adhesiveness levels. In addition, digital printing technology offers the possibility to include variable data and text such as bar codes.

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