Megaflex produces a variety of beverage labels and beverage stickers. The beverage industry can be divided into many disciplines.

Drink labels

Megaflex produces a variety of beverage labels and beverage stickers.

Drink labels

Megaflex produces a variety of beverage labels and beverage stickers. The beverage industry can be divided into many disciplines. Think of the soft drinks in cans or bottles, the weakly alcoholic drinks and the spirits. We can also include the dairy industry. In many cases, beverage labels are used in these disciplines. The materials that are often used are wet glue labels, paper labels and plastic labels. Megaflex has a diversity of relationships that use beverage labels for their products. Linked to this, we can say that we have extensive experience and can therefore advise you expertly on which application is best for you.

High quality drink clinkers

When your drinks need to be cooled, it often happens that the beverage labels come loose when they are removed from the cooled environment after some time. A cool environment attracts moisture and when cheap applications are used, the quality of paper, for example, ensures that it absorbs a lot of moisture. The glue is affected by the moisture and the label will come off. Megaflex supplies high quality materials that are moisture resistant. All our products have a coating that stops dirt and moisture. However, when a very high concentration of moisture is present in your production or storage environment, we recommend a plastic variation. This is, if applied dry, a good alternative to the paper beverage labels.

Liquor labels in the wine industry

Megaflex supplies a variety of beverage labels, beverage labels and beverage stickers for the wine industry. For example, we supply labels to various domains in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Even the French wine industry, which is very critical, has discovered our quality wine labels. The possibilities are diverse. Whether you recommend your wine chilled or at room temperature, the appearance of your product remains intact. Megaflex also produces beer labels. Whereas in the past people used wet glue labels, now they switch to the much more environmentally friendly plastic. The bottles are labelled and then filled. The advantage of these labels is that they can be reused several times. These beverage labels are made of plastic and can withstand many external influences, such as heat and cold. Many beverage labels are also produced for canned drinks. Pre-printing of cans is a costly affair for small numbers and therefore beverage labels, beverage labels or beverage stickers are a nice alternative to keep the costs under control. You can choose from paper labels or plastic labels.

Personal beverage stickers

Our flexible digital presses can also give your product a personal touch. Think of beverage labels with a personal name or message. Or a series of labels with various images. For example, your favourite football club or your favourite cartoon hero. In short, there are many possibilities to come up with and we are happy to help you. We love challenges and are happy to update you on the possibilities that are available. We can also handle large numbers. Megaflex was recently the first in the Benelux to invest in the latest HP digital printing press 8000. This press has a higher printing speed which makes it possible to print larger quantities of personalized labels with great ease. In short; are you looking for beverage labels, beverage stickers or beverage labels then you have come to the right place. Let us surprise you and request a quotation without any obligation.

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